Working at Kaiasm

We are recruiting!

Intellectually stimulating work, family-friendly working patterns, an office dog, and everyone stops for coffee at 11.

Well the last few months wasn’t much fun for anyone. But thankfully, Kaiasm has made it through. And we are... gently... recruiting again.

We are a team of around 20 people, comprising software developers, data scientists, client services, and non-technical search analysts and researchers, and admin staff. As we grow, we're looking for new staff members.

You can work full time, part time, or somewhere in between. If you are very keen to find interesting work that suits your experience and enthusiasms while fitting around your other commitments or life choices, Kaiasm prides itself on its flexibility.

We are based in beautiful offices in Whatley, just outside Frome (apparently both the most stylish place in the UK and the best place to live in UK). We are the best in the world at what we do, so could choose to be based anywhere. So we chose here.

We are humane, conscientious and honest. We aren't scared of mistakes and are pleased to know about them. We give a lot of individual autonomy to staff, and are rewarded by a strong sense of collective responsibility and lower management overhead.

You will work on beautiful data maps (printed at Dennis Maps in Frome!), and some unique software to get the most out of the new knowledge we bring our clients and partners. Focusing commercial businesses on the things people need reduces waste, makes the economy more sustainable, and is considerably more profitable and effective for them than trying to create need where there wasn't any. It turns out people are much more likely to buy something if they really need it. Who knew? Focusing government and public sector organisations on the expressed needs of citizens ensure that services are both humane and effective.

The Teams

Our company is composed of three brilliant teams: our analysts who guide our toolset to create the building blocks of our insight; our product team whose engineers and scientists create the Kaiasm Engine and the Market Index; and our client services team who make sure that clients are getting the value out of knowledge we provide.

Our culture seems normal to us, but new hires and job applicants say it is unusual. So perhaps it’s easier to let the team members (past and present) explain it.

“What makes Kaiasm special as a company?”

Silas, Developer “It is nice to be able to focus both on what I love to do (the actual development/coding/problem solving) and also to be able to assist more generally when needed. (another point I love about working in a small company) - it is good to feel valued. Very informal relaxed atmosphere (environs help a lot too). No large company corporate culture (personally very important). Local. Unusual gender makeup for a tech company - which is very positive in many ways.”

Sam, Taxonomy Analyst: “The whole team who work here are genuinely passionate about explaining "stuff" to help businesses understand their customer wants and so make a positive difference to how they interact with each other. I really like the people I work with and for (although the "for" bit is never used as leverage here, in any way). I consider myself lucky to be part of this team and to have found the company at a very exciting time in its lifecycle and the potential for the future is almost boundless. What we do is unique and utter common sense, but done in such a clever manner that businesses need to take notice as we can absolutely provide an answer tailored to them, in a box, with a ribbon on top if they would like. I hope you get the idea, I enjoy working here....... a lot.”

Mel, Technical Analyst: “I appreciate Kaiasm as a company because it allows individuals to be individuals and managers have an understanding human side, something I have missed in other working environments and do not take for granted.”

Fleur, Taxonomy Analyst: “The family feel and the green ethos (composting, recycling, roasting own coffee beans, bird feeders, desk plants). Flexible with leave. Encouraged to have coffee and lunch breaks together. Interested in staff development with group training sessions to learn new skills.”

Roxy, Taxonomy Analyst: “I love the overall mentality of the company. There is a real sense of continuous ongoing development; whether that be changes in the office (new furniture and plants), considering the well being of the employees or even how together we can affect the world at large (environmental issues and the like). Oh and there's always tweaks and improvements being made to processes and procedures. It keeps us on our toes!!”

Sophie, Taxonomy Analyst: “The passion and enthusiasm that is clear to see from the people who have been here a long time and the true belief in what they do works. I also like that it is a varied mix of staff. Everyone is so different so you never have to worry about fitting in because everyone is accepted and welcomed for their own quirks and individuality.”

Jo, Project Coordinator: “You can work flexibly in beautiful surroundings. Everyone believes in the product and we love it when positive results are achieved for our clients.”

Juliet, Office Manager: “No two days are ever the same. My job role is very diverse and I have a level of autonomy that I enjoy without so much stress that I worry about work at home. I feel valued and am often rewarded for a job well done.”

Kim, Technical Operations: “Kaiasm is an innovative company and therefore the tasks change all the time, which keeps the job both interesting and challenging. We are a friendly bunch of people and you really do feel you are all working together as a joint effort and there is a strong emphasis on wellbeing.”


“What is working at Kaiasm like?”

Mel, Search Analyst: “I get to play with words all day which makes me happy.”

Juliet, Office Manager: “A great company to work for because of the people and the environment. Working alongside like minded people in beautiful surroundings makes coming to work much easier. Being able to take a lunchtime walk around the grounds and having a coffee break all together helps to maintain good work relationships.”

Fleur, Taxonomy Analyst: “If you love words, and like to carry out online research about all sorts of things; have great attention to detail (and like working on a computer all day), then you'll love this role. There are regular opportunities to improve your IT skills through use and in-house training. Has a family feel about the company.”

Silas, Developer: “If you are interested in how the web works and how your coding logic can be used to extract data that contains deep meaningful information that ultimately changes the way people think, then you'll get a lot out of Kaiasm.”

“Has anything been challenging about working at Kaiasm?”

Kim, Senior Technical Analyst: “Because it is an innovative company, things will inevitably not always go to plan, yet there isn't a blame culture. In fact we are discouraged from using the words 'wrong' and 'mistake', better to say 'next time we'll do this' or 'the process is evolving'.”

Sophie, Taxonomy Analyst: “Everything :) . The hardest part about this job is that you really don't know what you’re getting into until you're in it. Some days really do fry your mind as everything is always changing. It can be hard to know if you’re doing a good job because sometimes there is just no right answer or blanket rules to follow.”

Juliet, Office Manager: “The fact that no two days are ever the same can at times be frustrating as it is this often means change and doing things differently which takes me out of my comfort zone.”

Roxy, Taxonomy Analyst: “The most challenging thing for me has been getting my head around how the process platforms all work together in the beginning. There was a real sense of a 'Eureka!!' breakthrough moment after a few weeks, when it finally began to fit into place. Having said that, everyone was very supportive and encouraging and told me it wasn't uncommon in newbies!”

Jo, Project Coordinator: “This is a dynamic company to work for and flexibility of mind is needed (although that's what makes it fun).”