Work at Kaiasm

Intellectually stimulating work, family-friendly working patterns, an office dog, and everyone stops for coffee at 11.

We are based in beautiful offices in Whatley, just outside Frome (apparently both the most stylish place in the UK and the best place to live in UK). We are the best in the world at what we do, so could choose to be based anywhere. So we chose here.

Kaiasm is a strategic data science and technology company. Our ongoing mission is to change how retail works - to align it more closely to the expressed needs of society. We do this by exploring and mapping out large-scale search and market data - the things people type into search engines, the meaning behind the words they use, where they go to meet their needs, and how well those needs are met.

Our work has led to Brian Cox and Strictly Come Dancing, to shifts in healthcare to focus on patient worries not clinical categories, and transformation of retail firms in what they buy, what they sell, and how they sell it.

Our main clients are complex retailers who want to change what they do. We give them a new 'operating system' for their business, beautiful data maps (printed at Dennis Maps in Frome!), and some unique software to get the most out of the new knowledge we bring them. Focusing retailers on the things people need reduces waste, makes the economy more sustainable, and is considerably more profitable for them than trying to create need where there isn't any. It turns out people are much more likely to buy something if they really need it. Who knew?

We're growing steadily, with repeated rounds of recruitment over the last year or two. As we continue to grow, we're looking for new staff members.

Interested in joining the team?

We are a team of around 30 people, comprising software developers, data scientists, client services, and non-technical search analysts and researchers, and admin staff.

We are recruiting

  • Delivery Mentor: be a strategic lead for the delivery of client projects (East Midlands)

Although we don't have any vacancies at the moment, we do recruit for Search Analysts / Customer Insight Analysts and Project Coordinators regularly. If you're interested, click on the links above to view the job descriptions. We'll update this page when we're recruiting so do please do keep checking.


Kaiasm. Pronounced Kai (as in kayak), -asm (as in enthusi-asm). It's a convenient misspelling of the Greek word Chiasm, a reversal of word order to get at a memorable deeper meaning. For example, 'ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country'. Ours is 'Stop making people want things. Start making things people want'. A simple idea which turns out to be revolutionary.

We are a team of around 25 people.

We are not in London. We have a lovely office in the countryside near Frome.

I get to play with words all day which makes me happy.

Mel, Search Analyst

A great company to work for because of the people and the environment. Working alongside like minded people in beautiful surroundings makes coming to work much easier. Being able to take a lunchtime walk around the grounds and having a coffee break all together helps to maintain good work relationships.

Juliet, Office Administrator

Has a family feel about the company.

If you love words, and like to carry out online research about all sorts of things; have great attention to detail (and like working on a computer all day), then you'll love this role.

Fleur, Search Analyst

If you are interested in how the web works and how your coding logic can be used to extract data that contains deep meaningful information that ultimately changes the way people think, then you'll get a lot out of Kaiasm.

Silas, Developer

There is a passion and enthusiasm that is clear to see from the people who have been here a long time and the true belief in what they do works. I also like that it is a varied mix of staff. Everyone is so different so you never have to worry about fitting in because everyone is accepted and welcomed for their own quirks and individuality.

Sophie, Search Analyst

We change the way retailers think about what they do, why they do it and their relationship with customers and competitors. The change we bring is revelatory and transformative. And we care deeply about how we do and the way we do it affects our people, their families, our clients, our clients' customers, and the whole of society.

Liam, Founder at Kaiasm