Technical SEO Specialist

We are Kaiasm, and we are looking for a technical SEO specialist.

You can read about what we do and who we do it for on this website. No point repeating it here.

What do we mean by a technical SEO specialist?

As you well know if you are reading this, if a website wants to rank well it needs to (in no particular order):

  • Use the same words searchers use in search queries
  • Have a great online reputation
  • Make sure search engines can crawl and index content, and present it in search results

Our clients have the second point covered. Our main product offering covers the first point. We need your help with the third.

This usually covers things like:

  • Make sure our client's website's filtering functionality works for search engines. You know why.
  • Migrating between IAs, where the number of URLs being migrated is large enough that you have to worry about the performance impact of the URL lookups
  • Automating on-page SEO in a way that works. Because doing it manually would take years.

As well as all the other stuff.


We are not your typical agency. This is not a marketing role.

Kaism massively improves our clients’ understanding of the markets they compete in and helps them do better at it. We know what millions of people want and how companies can win that business.

We don't piss about with top-100 keywords, the same old SEO strategy, or link building. We base our customer insight on large scale quantitative research, using our own methodology which has been developed over the last 15 years. We deliver so many powerful insights that we deliver a prioritisation solution alongside our main insight product.

We won't get you to churn out one technical audit after another.

Our clients typically have organic traffic in the region of 100 million per year, turn over £1BN per year and range 50,000-2,000,000 products. They have an international strategy, or are looking at developing one.

We understand technical SEO from basic principles. Our founders literally wrote the book (although it's a little out-of-date now). Our clients trust us to be right and to help them be better.

We are not in London. We have a lovely office in the countryside near Frome.

We don't do stand-alone technical SEO support; the support we offer is a fundamental building block for the implementation of the customer insight we deliver to our clients; typically as a multi-year project. This means we have real relationships with our clients, and we can make a real difference.

Typically, our client contacts change jobs more often than our staff do. And when our client contacts do change jobs, they usually engage us again.


Want to do better work that makes a real, measurable difference.

Want to work with an exciting and growing firm that is scaling up and aiming high; and you know that comes with opportunities and challenges.

Want to grow your knowledge, and are keen to share it with our clients.

Are happy to research stuff you don't know. You have the confidence to say you don't know when you don't.

Are excellent at explaining complex technical requirements both in person, and written down. You can explain both the detail of a requirement and where it fits in the bigger picture.

Are comfortable talking front- and backend dev, CMS, ecommerce, server environment etc. You know enough front-end to tell whether content that is written in by AJAX is crawlable.

You've done technical SEO work for a few years. See above for what we mean by that.

You'll want to know what pay we are offering, but the salary on offer won't be why you are excited to work with us. We're thinking between £25 and £30k by the way, but we are happy to chat about this range.


If this piques your interest, get in touch!