About us

Kaiasm is on a mission to benefit society by empowering business to meet more of its needs.

We are founded by three entrepreneurs who have always worked to improve the outcomes for both the organisations that have employed them, and for the individuals within those organisations who are seeking new ways of working. One leads to the other, and if working with us isn’t interesting, challenging and positive, then you shouldn’t be.

Our business is supported by three brilliant teams: our analysts who guide our AI toolset to create the building blocks of our insight; our product team whose engineers and scientists create our Platform and our Customer Interface; and our customer team for whom the delivery of your potential is their day-to-day purpose.

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  • Doug Laughlen

    Doug Laughlen, CEO

    Doug has a passion to change the world. He has had excellent experience of this as an early employee of Cisco in the ’90s, and in trying to invent YouTube before they did. His social credentials are clear, both in support of his home city’s (Bath) needs for a better business vision, and in his previous role as Executive Director for Localgiving.org

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  • Steve Johnston

    Steve Johnston, Head of Client Services

    Steve is a storyteller. A scientist down the pub, before such things were cool. Taking the opportunities that this digital world presents to business has been his passion since the early ‘90s. As a bookselling entrepreneur from the analogue past, he’s also our inhouse retailer. He’s had a few goes along the way, but this one excites him most

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  • Liam McGee

    Liam McGee, Chief Scientist

    Liam is an impassioned inventor and philosopher. Profoundly logical and deeply knowledgeable. If it doesn’t do good, don’t do it, and if a better mousetrap is conceptually possible, he’ll find a way to build it. At his best solving problems that no-one has solved yet, and at his worst when failing to meet his own impossibly high standards.

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