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Our clients are brave. They are investing to grow by using new ideas and approaches. They are either innovating to be more competitive in their marketplaces, or are facing challenging times and need to step out of a comfort zone to transform.

Kaiasm is a disruptive innovation. You must be ready for the challenge of change to work with us. Our clients talk about ‘seeing the light’. Join them.

Taxonomics has helped change the way we see our marketplace and how we understand our customers. It shows us what people want, in pictures, it’s brilliant and surprising. We buy and merchandise differently as a result.

CEO, £1B UK retail brand

The understanding of Demand Economics that Kaiasm (Taxonomics) has provided VictoriaPlum.com has been valuable in our efforts to profitably grow our business and to increase market share. The concepts are simple, and the insights are commercially valuable and ground-breaking.

Paul McClenaghan, CEO, VictoriaPlum.com

Kaiasm hasn’t just improved the online experience that we asked them to help us with, it has also improved our performance and decision-making across all channels. Their work with us hasn’t just given us fantastically insightful data, it has also left us with a toolkit that we can use every day. Their work with us hasn’t just inspired action, it has also galvanised our entire organisation at every level into a more customer-centric mindset.

Emma Bateman, Managing Director, BiGDUG

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