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Market Insight

Our market insight is provided free of charge at high level. We use the Kaiasm Data Source to generate detailed maps of the expressed needs of an entire society, and how that is changing right now.

Technical Discussion

An occasional series of articles about the technical fundamentals which underpin the ability to meet the demand in your market or information space. Gigantically valuable, hard to do well.

In Search of the Dark Bounce

Advanced Analytics. Come and spend 5 minutes exploring the the far fringes of web site analytics. What's in an analytics metric name? A bounce by any other name would smell as sweet. Is a bounce always a bounce? Are there unbounced bounces? What is a bounce, exactly?

By Liam McGee

Need for Speed

Speed 1/3. Web page speed as a strategic issue. Why you need to make your web pages astonishingly quick to load.

By Liam McGee

The Twelve Principles of Page Speed

Speed 3/3. These principles are based on about three years of work: a lot of initial reading to determine what should happen; a lot of experimental research with large ecommerce sites to determine what actually happens. Enjoy.

By Liam McGee