Our market insight is provided free of charge at high level. We use the Kaiasm Data Source to generate detailed maps of the expressed needs of an entire society, and how that is changing right now.

August Focus: Garden Buildings

Garden Buildings:
A Shed of
One's Own

#KaiasmInsight by Ellie Robinson

Say yes to sheds and cabins. But let's do less decking. We just want to sit in the shade of our awnings now...

August Focus: Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture: Furnishing the
Newest Room

#KaiasmInsight by Ellie Robinson

If we're going camping, we're going to need some camping chairs. But we already have our barbecue now, thanks. But perhaps a solar fountain? It's obvious when you think about it.

August Focus: Plants & Lawns

Plants & Lawns:
The Plants
Get Real

#KaiasmInsight by Ellie Robinson

No more artificial grass and plants. What we want is Bamboo. Specifically, Nandina Domestica. Lots of it.

June Focus: Pets & Petcare

Pets & Petcare:
Build a Better
Dog Food

#KaiasmInsight by Ellie Robinson

Everyone's buying a dog, it seems. But what are they going to be feeding them? (What the heck is 'semi moist'? A quarter of the way from wet to dry?)

Retail Nowcasting.

#NewThinking When paradigms shift, the past stops being a reliable guide to the future. It's time for retailers to focus on what is going on right now, to plan for what will happen next.

By Steve Johnston

May Update: Outdoor & Garden

Outdoor & Garden
Demand Radar +
Top 50 Leaderboard

#KaiasmInsight by Will de Bolla

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#ClientStories. Strictly was all our fault. And Brian Cox. The things people wanted that no one else was providing...

By Liam McGee

In Search of
the Dark Bounce

#AdvancedAnalytics. Spend 5 minutes exploring the the far fringes of web site analytics. Is a bounce always a bounce? Are there unbounced bounces?

By Liam McGee

The Need
for Speed

#FullStackSpeed 1/3. Web page speed as a strategic issue. Why you need to make your web pages astonishingly quick to load.

By Liam McGee