Health & Social Care

Kaiasm knowledge & Insight: Health and Social Care demand in the new abnormal.

Demand Trend (excluding Coronavirus-related demand)

52-week rolling sum, 5 years to June 2020

The hugely increased demand for information about the novel coronavirus has occurred alongside a drop in general health and social care demand. Of the non-COVID areas of demand, Healthy Living is the most obvious area of increased demand in the early parts of lockdown, but demand is now increasing above levels just prior to lockdown in many areas.

A 52-week rolling sum is a quick way of removing seasonality to determine the underlying trend. Where the line goes up, growth is greater each week than the equivalent week the preceding year.

The Kaiasm Data Source currently tracks 6,003 distinct things people ask for in the Health and SOcial Care information space, expressed in 31,268 different ways, met by 11,454 different market competitors.

Demand for information on Coronavirus has hugely outstripped other health and social care demand, unsurprisingly. More people are expressing need for information on coronavirus, and each of those people are expressing a need for information on the virus more frequently (again and again).