What we do:
Demand Economics

Stop making people want things; start making things people want.

Kaiasm inverts the conventional business model of supply-and-demand - that declining model where businesses focused on supply arrangements and where customer demand was something you had to create. Maybe this sounds familiar?

Kaiasm clients carry products that they know are wanted in their marketplace; they learn to use the words their customers use, learn to categorise how they categorise and to think how they think. This is the new model of demand-and-supply; a new model that we call Demand Economics.

Kaiasm is a new service that uses human-guided artificial intelligence and big data to create a new kind of market insight from the measurable demand of tens of millions of people in market spaces of tens of thousands of retail competitors.

Retail is changing fast, and those retailers who change with it, embracing the complexity of this new world and adopting this new model, are reaping enormous competitive advantage.

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Multiple Value Streams

Buying and range management. Know what you are missing, and the demand that your competitors are meeting. Know where you can take advantage of low-competition areas by evolving your product range.

Ecommerce. Drive improvements in merchandising, paid and organic search channel performance, and on-site search, by using the deep detail of what people want in your market space, to align your offer.

Category taxonomy. Revolutionise the effectiveness of your category hierarchy and product information management, by truly understanding the customer goals that are relevant to your business.

Strategic growth. New market penetration and growth strategies are transformed by our unique competitor and market analysis. Know who all your unseen competitors are and where your missed customers are going.

Culture shift. Develop a fundamental change in the way your company understands itself, its customers and its competitors.