What we do

“Kaiasm's intelligence provides the clarity to make smarter decisions.”
Dave Elliott, Commercial & Marketing Director, Homebase (2020)

Kaiasm offers you a new way of understanding what's possible, a change in how you see the world, through the knowledge of the expressed needs of an entire society - recorded, catalogued, counted. We offer the knowledge itself, the tools with which to act on it, and the expertise and advice you need to support that action.

It gives business a clear purpose, and lets the public sector serve the people better.

...for Businesses

We can show you what people need by understanding what it is they are asking for. For any sector or vertical. For any marketplace. From whole categories all the way down to individual product features. We can show you when they need it, how they express it, how many of them need it, and how that is changing week by week. This is a new kind of knowledge capital.

  • It shows you what products to range, and how to range them.
  • It shows you what products to make, and the features they need.
  • It shows you who else is meeting each need and how well.
  • It shows you what to pay attention to out of the tens of thousands things you can see.
  • It has been proven to be enormously profitable.

...for the Public Sector

We can show you what people need by understanding what it is they are asking for. We quantify expressed need for health care, social care, education - from broad themes all the way down to highly specific service needs. We can show you when they need it, how they express it, and how many of them need it. This is anew kind of public engagement.

  • It shows you how demand is changing, tracking the ebbs and flows over years, or months, or weeks.
  • You can see this this for a county, a region, a country.
  • It shows you what to pay attention to out of the tens of thousands things you can see.
  • It shows you where needs are being met and who by, be it well, or badly, or even with misinformation - and what to do about that.

Our Products

“[Kaiasm] helped change the way we see our marketplace and how we understand our customers. It's brilliant and surprising. We buy and merchandise differently as a result.”
Andrew Livingston, CEO, Screwfix (2016)

Kaiasm offers the knowledge of what your market needs from you, the tools you need to align your organisation to those needs, and the expertise and advice you need to support that action.

You can have any of these alone, or in combination, or all together. You can also call on our partners to resolve needs for people, process or technology.

1. Knowledge & Insight Products

Kaiasm tracks the needs for goods and services that people express on search engines, and groups the millions of ways those needs are expressed into hundreds of thousands of discrete interrelated categories, subcategories and product types. Once you understand everything people need, you can go out and meet those needs.

Some of the markets Kaiasm tracks include:

If you do not see your market here, just contact us to ask. It may already be in preparation.

Demand Radar

Our Demand Radar pinpoints changing customer needs. It undertakes a component analysis of every one of those hundreds of thousands of objects of demand, identifying families of aggregated positive and negative change. And then it tells you what just happened in demand, last month, last week, in a way that is easy to understand.

A Demand Radar lets you focus on key product areas as the green shoots of recovery appear. It tells you whether a shift in demand in the kitchens sector at the end of March is best explained by a general aggregation of small shifts across all of kitchen appliances, or better explained by a sudden spike in expressed need for ‘small chest freezers’ and all its subtypes (it was). It tells you that over the first four weeks of April, demand for compost bins was responsible for 10% of all growth in ‘kitchens’ demand (it was).

A Whole Market Demand Radar includes all analysed customer goals, within the 20,000 routinely tracked by Kaiasm in each market, that are relevant to a category of interest.

A Retailer-specific Demand Radar compares market demand with those customer needs that can be supported by a chosen retailer’s ranged products, planned range and any other areas of strategic interest.

It combines elegantly with the Kaiasm Market Leaderboard to show which market competitors are benefiting from recent shifts in demand.

Product Sheet

Market Leaderboard

Our Market Leaderboard tracks who is winning the demand for the top 20,000 customer needs in a market sector, needs expressed in 200,000 different ways, in an ever-changing online environment. The market can then be subdivided by a retailer’s own main categories for more granular detail.

A Market Leaderboard shows new entrants and movers within a market space, who's riding new demand upwards within a sector, and who is crashing out. See if you are growing faster or slower than your market, spot new threats within your market universe, and even find new opportunities for inorganic growth.

A Whole Market Leaderboard is based on all analysed customer needs within a market category.

A Retailer-specific Market Leaderboard is a slice through the data of only those customer needs that can be supported by a retailer’s ranged products, planned range and any other areas of strategic interest.

It combines elegantly with the Kaiasm Demand Radar to show component causes of shifts in demand.

Product Sheet

Innovation Insight

Our Product Information Insight packs allow innovation teams to inform their new product development processes with unrivalled quantitative data about product demand, attribute demand and more.

  • Let your customers develop your next product. Explore how products, if seen as a bundle of needs met, can be reconfigured
  • Align innovative thinking with deep knowledge of expressed market need.
  • Find the Gap. Identify currently unmet need in existing market spaces. Read more: Blue Ocean Strategy needs some Purple.
  • Change the rules of the game. Redefine who your customers are. Redefine what products or services you should offer them. Redefine what you should offer and how you do business.
  • Spot pioneers to become a leader in a new market's early growth phase by bringing your own vision of the eventual mass market.
  • Integrate your own analytics and web log data into the Kaiasm data source for even deeper insights
  • Create a system to support ongoing innovation. Self-serve data to inform ongoing innovation processes.

Product Sheet

2. Tools to Help You Act on the Knowledge

These are the tools you need to align your offering to your new, deeper understanding of needs you can meet. Explore your competition universe, determine your strategy for meeting the market or social demand, track task completion, and build out new product or informational categories.

Kaiasm Engine

The Kaiasm Engine is a bespoke web-based toolset for aligning your offering to your marketplace. It shows you what people in your marketplace need, by understanding what it is they are asking for. It extends from whole categories all the way down to individual product features. It shows you when they need it, how they express it, how many of them need it, and how that is changing. It shows you which category pages need attention, which need creating, and how you are progressing.

  • It shows you what products to range, and how to categorise them.
  • It shows you what products to make or source.
  • It shows you who else is meeting each need and how well.
  • It shows you what to pay attention to out of the tens of thousands things you can know.
  • It has been proven to be enormously profitable.

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Demand Architect

Need to arrange a hundred thousand things such that they are effortlessly findable and intuitively navigable? Need to develop and manage Customer Decision Trees for category management? Need to redesign your enterprise scale Information Architecture? Kaiasm Demand Architect is a sophisticated manipulation and design tool for large scale, complex, polyhierarchical information trees, taxonomies and ontologies. Designed for the complex needs of enterprise commercial and informational websites.

  • Read in existing complex, faceted information architectures
  • Automate evolutionary and revolutionary extension of your current architecture into new areas of customer demand
  • Drag and drop individual nodes or subtrees.
  • Preserve existing semantic architectures and high performing pages.
  • Easy output to excel, mindmapping tools, as well as user testing tools such as Treejack and Omnisort.
  • Structured data exports for bulk transfer to your content management, product information management or master data management systems.

3. Services to support your people, process and tech

Kaiasm offers a range of consultancy and agency services to complement our insight and tools, or that build on our unique data.

Strategy Consultancy Services

Shift that paradigm. Kaiasm insight and knowledge offers a new perspective on your strategic environment. Understand what the market needs as a first step, and then respond to that.

  • Market analysis. See the current space within the market that you inhabit, adjacent need that you could meet, and new territories you can explore.
  • Strategic Competition Analysis. understand the competition in a market place as a function of needs met, and how well.
  • Detailed Competitor Analysis. understand for a named competitor the market space they inhabit, how well, and how that overlaps with yours.
  • Strategic product and range mapping. See how well your products and categories meet expressed need in your market place, and determine what needs changing.
  • Google strategy. How much of your margin on every transaction are you handing over to Google? How fast is that proportion increasing? What KPIs might be used to keep control of this? What should your long range plan be?
  • Marketplace strategy. There's an elephant in the room and it's name is Amazon. Where are its weaknesses? What will it take to overcome those weaknesses with strength?
  • Online strategy. In a changed world, where online is more important than ever before, get a clear understanding of the mutual reinforcement of your online and offline activity, how they interact, and how they could interact.

Mergers & Acquisitions Service

Deals that deliver value don’t happen by accident. Kaiasm data allows acquisitions to be part of a broader pre-emptive portfolio strategy, rather than responding only when assets come to market.

  • M&A strategy. Plan acquisitions as a proactive extension of corporate strategy instead of a reactive exercise.
  • Strategic targeting. Identify and qualify strategic acquisition targets before they come to market, using highly detailed view of market overlaps and strategic fit.
  • Market Studies. Get unique knowledge of online market conditions to inform analyses of market sizing, growth forecasts and competitor mapping.
  • Technology assessments. Discreet early analysis of (especially ecommerce) technology position. Identify value creation opportunities where a strong reputation is being hamstrung by suboptimal technology.
  • Post-deal value generation. Post deal services to maximise deal value as per our insight and tools, and our strategy, ecommerce and technology service offerings.

Product Sheet

Outsourced Ecommerce

Need operational support? Need to outsource some of your ecommerce function? Kaiasm can help, whether as an interim or permanent team.

  • Product Data Team. Data population, cleaning and maintenance. Product-to-category placement; category-to-product matching.
  • Web Trading Team. Category creation and management. Creation and improvement of category copy (headings, descriptive paragraphs), Google copy (meta descriptions, page titles). Navigational filter management.
  • Information Architects. IA design, testing and deployment.
  • UX Team. Usability testing, accessibility testing, experimental design.
  • Front End Engineers. Page template rebuilds, functional additions.
  • Visual Merchandising. Image management, performance and processing.
  • Analytics Team. Report design and management, proactive analytics support to buyers, marketing, web trading, commercial, operations.
  • On-site Search Team. Testing, maintenance, improvement and reporting.
  • Interim Head of Function or Director. Interim head of ecommerce, interim digital director. Develop strategic plans, define roles, processes and operational support required, business plans and budget management.
  • Off-ramp: Recruitment and Training. Outsource for as long as you want and no longer. We can help recruit into the roles we are supporting, along with extensive training in any of the disciplines above, as well as technical disciplines such as designing for UX, designing for page speed/site speed.

Technology Services

We remove knowledge barriers to solving technology problems. With a deep knowledge of every part of an ecommerce stack, and ten years in the heart of UK's most sophisticated ecommerce environments, we've never met a technical problem we couldn't solve.

  • Web site speed performance. Analytic and synthetic testing and modelling, application performance measurement, full-stack analysis. Business case development, system redesign and specification.
  • Product Information Management (PIM) system design and development. Demand facet analysis and mapping. Audit for error and missing data points and missing parts of the schema.
  • Information Architecture Design. Design, testing and implementation support for enterprise scale information architecture projects.
  • On-site Search consultancy. Synonym sets, autocomplete lists, perfect-match, machine learning training, search feature extraction and tuning.
  • Ecommerce Platform Migration strategy and oversight. Defend your online performance before, during and after platform migration. Highly successful projects for Screwfix, Hotels.com and more.
  • SEO/PPC technical consultancy. Defending and accelerating search performance. Oversight and search performance management during re-platforming, technical audits and requirements setting, technical oversight.
  • Reporting and analytics consultancy. Dashboard design, data visualisation design and implementation.
  • Technology requirements, implementation and integration oversight Often done working through implementation partners such as Valtech, Sopra Steria, IBM ix, Deloitte Digital.

How we do it:
The Kaiasm Data Source

“It's almost the holy grail.”
(2018) Chief Data Officer, RS Components.

What could you do with the expressed needs of an entire society?

The Kaiasm Data Source is a new kind of knowledge capital. It is a window into the human psyche, as expressed by a whole nation of people through Google and other search engines. It starts with the 'K set', the aggregated and de-identified internet search history of millions of internet users, across over 20 billion expressions of need and half a billion websites subsequently visited. The K set has been continually enriched and built outwards with semantic scraping of major retail websites ('market archetypes'), on-site search tracking for sites such as Amazon and EBay, together with mass-scale Google trends, Google Ads, Google Search Console and Bing data analysis.

Kaiasm has developed proprietary algorithms used by their skilled human taxonomists and ontologists to ensure the accuracy, detail and scale of the Data Source. They join expressions of need to each particular 'thing-behind-the-words' to understand the full range of discrete objects of need, their salient features, and the different ways they are expressed. This great net of meaning and naming is then continually updated with the numbers of people expressing each need, day by day, year by year, and the websites they visit to meet them.

Top retailers and government agencies use knowledge from the Kaiasm Data Source to achieve a deep understanding of human categorisation and choice. across entire sectors, as well as the particular competitive expression of a particular brand or website -- how well they align their range, language, categorisation and product data to the needs their products and services can serve, and to identify the adjacent demand they may serve as they evolve.

“Amazon has nothing like this.”
(2018) ex-VP of Innovation, Amazon.

Google has told us they cannot do it. Amazon says they have nothing like this. It made Screwfix an ecommerce titan. This enormous analysis of expressed human need, unique in scale and detail, gives retail a clear purpose, and lets the public sector serve the people better.

Ethically sourced data

Kaiasm is extremely serious about data ethics. You should be too. We have watched with concern the rise of poorly considered ‘data personalisation’ and data shadowing of individuals. We believe that aggregating data around individual persons, without controls on how that might be used in the future, is a dark path to walk. That is why we have always ensured that the data we collect and hold is aggregated around the expressed individual needs, not the individual humans who expressed them. This ensures that the data can only be used to meet those needs, and never to manipulate those people who need them. No personally identifiable information is held within the set, nor can such be reverse engineered out through aggregation with other data sources.