Junior Data Scientist / Data Analyst

Deadline for applications expired

The role of a junior data scientist/data analyst is to provide analysis of data for various teams throughout the business, being able to interpret their business requirements and use technical skills combined with industry knowledge to fulfil their requests.

The type of request will vary from small ad-hoc needs through to larger more involved project pieces, and will cover servicing requests relating to specific client projects as well as investigative pieces to support research and development.

The possible areas of analysis are also wide-ranging, with examples including creating bespoke reports from third party data sources such as Google Analytics, automating internal data processes, building pricing and resource models, and interrogating webserver log files.

Creative problem solving, flexibility and good communication are key - the original requirement will often evolve throughout the process based on the outcomes of early stages of investigation.


  • Want to do better work that makes a real, measurable difference
  • Want to work with an exciting and growing firm; and recognise that comes with opportunities and challenges
  • Have the confidence to say you don't know, when you don't
  • Are open to new ideas, to new people and to a relaxed but focused way of working
  • Are very happy to chip in to help the team in whatever way makes sense - including taking your turn on the coffee rota making drinks for the whole team for our communal break at 11am every morning
  • If you are interested in an opportunity to work part time, then you are very keen to find interesting work that suits your experience while fitting around your other commitments or life choices. Kaiasm prides itself on its flexibility, particularly for people returning to work.

Position in the organisation

  • Responsible to: Head of Operations
  • Direct reports: None
  • Works in conjunction with: Delivery Mentor, Project Coordinator, Production Manager, Technical Consultant, Developer

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Working closely with internal customers, understand the detailed requirements of requests for data, identifying possible high level solutions, the feasibility of fulfilling the request and agreeing the time required for delivery
  • Building appropriate solutions for fulfilling data requests in a timely manner, reusing existing work where possible and starting from scratch where not. Technical solutions may involve creating spreadsheet models or writing code to prepare and process data from files, databases and APIs.
  • Creating equivalent results manually with spreadsheets or through the user interface of third party tools in order to validate that the solution created works as required and provides the correct output
  • Delivering outputs that are accurate and meet the business requirement within the committed timescales
  • Adhering to information security policies, ensuring strict control of client information and data such that it is used as required but no further
  • Carrying out the vast majority of tasks in house but being able to occasionally travel to client sites for meetings
  • Performing other reasonable duties as may be required by management from time-to-time

Required Attributes

  • Able to think like a business user in order to understand the context, but have the technical skills to execute the request
  • Able to identify potential issues and decision points before they arise and communicate these with the requester effectively and promptly
  • Able to balance urgent business needs with building reusable solutions, and select the appropriate tool for the job with an ‘extensible Minimum Viable Product’ mindset
  • Analytical but practical, with a logical problem solving process, can-do attitude, and high level of attention to detail
  • Capability to quickly pick up, evaluate and use new data sources
  • Advanced spreadsheet skills: able to build models from scratch, write and nest complex formulas, and use pivot tables
  • Good data presentation skills, including Excel graphing/charting
  • Able to write code in python, with particular focus on data manipulation and interfacing with databases and API endpoints
  • Able to write database queries in SQL
  • Able to use linux command line tools for data manipulation
  • Proactive identification and investigation of errors and potential areas of further interest while carrying out a data request
  • Able to be flexible, and comfortable with the requirements evolving throughout the process given the outcomes of earlier stages of investigation
  • Able to multitask, handling multiple pieces of work across multiple client projects at the same time
  • Able to maintain a flexible mindset despite conflicting pressures from multiple stakeholders

Desirable Attributes

  • Experienced with third party data sources used by ecommerce companies such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Experienced in data visualisation, being familiar with Tufte, Tableau and d3.js
  • Able to write database queries in MongoDB
  • Experienced with python
  • Experienced in managing moving deadlines


  • Part time (from 22.5 hours per week), full time (up to 40 hours per week, though we'd encourage 37.5 as more sensible), near-full time, term time and school hours variations all available.
  • Rate £12.83 per hour (£26,686.40 pro rata gross annual if you work a 40 hour week)
  • You will be working from our office in Whatley, near Frome


If so, please send your Curriculum Vitae and covering letter by 10am on 9th December 2019 (or sooner) to Rosemary Mackenzie by email on jobs@kaiasm.com or ring us on 0330 223 1164 for more information.

If you are interested in how the web works and how your coding logic can be used to extract data that contains deep meaningful information that ultimately changes the way people think, then you'll get a lot out of Kaiasm.

Silas, Developer at Kaiasm

Kaiasm is a big data science company that provides insights to help align your ecommerce website to what customers want. It's a dynamic environment in which you are given accountable freedom to achieve the best outcome.

Jo, Project Coordinator at Kaiasm