Project Coordinator

Projects, for us, are typically 1-2 year transformation projects with British retail businesses, and their complex ecommerce websites and trading operations. These projects are overseen by a Kaiasm delivery mentor, who acts as the strategic lead on our side of the project. The project coordinator is a support role to the Delivery Mentor, who works closely with the client team to support the adoption of Kaiasm’s methodology and the delivery of key workstreams.

The role of project coordinator is to support delivery of client projects by ensuring that project tasks are planned, communicated and completed as required to ensure a successful outcome for the project specified. This may include working across multiple projects at the same time - we expect that you’ll be working on two client projects at a time - ensuring that information for each is managed independently, while being aware of potential impacts of one project on another. You will be based at our offices, but might, on rare occasions, need to attend a client meeting on their premises (this is very rare, for this role).

The role will involve working as a key point of coordination across both internal and external stakeholders.

This includes facilitation of information sharing across areas and ensuring that all appropriate stakeholders are kept informed of project status, timescales, risks and issues, and that the items of concern are escalated appropriately.


  • Want to do better work that makes a real, measurable difference.
  • Want to work with an exciting and growing firm; and recognise that comes with opportunities and challenges.
  • You have the confidence to say you don't know, when you don't.
  • Are excellent at explaining things you know about - which will be our methodology and our processes, in due course - both in person and written down.
  • You are open to new ideas, to new people and to a relaxed but focused way of working.
  • You are very happy to chip in to help the team in whatever way makes sense - including taking your turn on the coffee duty rota, making drinks for the whole team, for our communal break at 11am every morning.
  • If you are interested in the part time opportunity, then you are very keen to find interesting work that suits your experience, and fits around your other commitments or life choices. Kaiasm prides itself on its flexibility, particularly for people returning to work but who have school-age children.

Position In The Organisation

  • Responsible to: Delivery Mentor and to their boss, the Head of Client Services
  • Direct reports: None
  • Works in conjunction with: production manager, consultancy staff, delivery mentor

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Developing and agreeing a project plan for each client project, and maintaining this plan throughout the life of the project
  • Arranging, chairing and minuting regular internal update meetings to ensure that the internal team are all aware of their tasks and responsibilities, that dependencies are understood, and that tasks are progressing as planned
  • Regularly reporting progress to management, including raising risks, issues and other noteworthy project items in a timely manner
  • Arranging, chairing (where appropriate) and minuting regular external update meetings to communicate progress on the project to client stakeholders, and to collect feedback on progress with client tasks that the project is dependent on for success
  • Being a key point of liaison between internal and external staff working on the project, being available to handle external questions and concerns (and providing quality responses in a timely, professional manner) as well as managing the acquisition of required information or data from external stakeholders for internal teams
  • Ensuring strict control of client information and data such that it is utilised as required for a project but not accidentally shared across projects
  • Drafting and contributing to both internal and client-facing project documents
  • Travelling to client sites as required for meetings
  • Performing other reasonable duties as may be required by management from time-to-time

Knowledge & Skills Required

  • Able to create and manage a project plan, including working with people to understand the tasks required, create effort and elapsed time estimates, and elicit dependencies
  • Able to multitask and handle multiple tasks across multiple client projects at the same time
  • Capable of building strong working relationships with the client's main points of contact and project staff
  • Able to manage moving deadlines and maintain a flexible mindset despite conflicting pressures from multiple stakeholders
  • Able to handle client communication professionally at all times, including when projects are under significant pressure to meet outcomes
  • Experience in technical project coordination or in ecommerce operations


  • Permanent position
  • Full time (up to 40 hours per week, though we'd encourage 37.5 as more sensible), near-full time, part time (from 22.5 hours per week), term-time and school-hours variations all available.
  • Rate £12.83 per hour (£26,686.40 pro rata gross annual if you work a 40 hour week)
  • You will be working from our office in Whatley, near Frome


If so, please send your Curriculum Vitae and covering letter by 10am on 9th December (or sooner) to Rosemary Mackenzie by email on or ring us on 0330 223 1164 for more information.


Kaiasm. Pronounced Kai (as in kayak), -asm (as in enthusi-asm). It's a convenient misspelling of the Greek word Chiasm, a reversal of word order to get at a memorable deeper meaning. For example, 'ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country'. Ours is 'Stop making people want things. Start making things people want'. A simple idea which turns out to be revolutionary.

We are a team of around 25 people.

We are not in London. We have a lovely office in the countryside near Frome.

Kaiasm is a big data science company that provides insights to help align your ecommerce website to what customers want. It's a dynamic environment in which you are given accountable freedom to achieve the best outcome.

Jo, Project Coordinator at Kaiasm

The whole team who work here are genuinely passionate about explaining "stuff" to help businesses understand their customer wants and so make a positive difference to how they interact with each other. I really like the people I work with and for. I consider myself lucky to be part of this team and to have found the company at a very exciting time in its lifecycle and the potential for the future is almost boundless. What we do is unique and utter common sense, but done in such a clever manner that businesses need to take notice as we can absolutely provide an answer tailored to them, in a box, with a ribbon on top if they would like.

I hope you get the idea, I enjoy working here... a lot.

Sam, Search Analyst